Key Executives


K.B. Mathur is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate along with degree in Business Management. He served an Indian Oil Corporation for 27 years; Gulf Oil Corporation as Executive Director for 4 years and Reliance Petroleum, for 4 years.

Started Global Technical Services in 1999. The objective of starting the company was to provide lubrication related services, which needs attention of the industry, to reduce their maintenance costs and also cut down energy cost. Effective utilization and conservation of lubricants is one of the prime areas.


N.C. Sekharan is an Electrical Engineer with over 36 years of experience. He has been at various senior positions with public sector oil companies and Multi-nationals, Lubricants and Additives Company. He has played the key role in establishing Indian Additives – an arm of Chevron Corporation Group, US in India. Besides, he has been CEO of several multi-national oil companies in India - a visionary of oil industry with enormous credit of developing high-performance Engine Oils – prime requirement of modern days Automotive Industry.


Gaurav Krishna is a Graduate in Science with 10 years of experience, most of which is hands-on in implementing Lubrication Management in Industry.

He has played a key role in designing of excellent lubrication equipment for dispensing contamination free lubricants to machines, which is prime requirement and fulcrum of Mechanical Maintenance in any industry.